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We have always relied on the evergreen locks and keys for protection of our homes and offices. No matter how advanced we get with our security solutions, locks and keys are always the first line of safety and security. Considering the spike in crime rates and increasing thefts all around the world, compromising with our home security is a step that could have dire consequences. Even a seemingly trivial issue such as a missing key or a jammed lock can turn into a major security concern if not taken seriously. In such cases of urgencies, all you need is a good locksmith who can handle the situation wisely. Elizabeth Locksmith Service is a leader in providing locksmith solutions to people in Elizabeth, NJ. We are known as the best locksmith in Elizabeth, NJ and are established as a trusted brand. Not just in the city, but Elizabeth Locksmith Service is a renowned locksmith near Elizabeth, NJ and the surrounding vicinity. Our services are not only for commercial and residential purposes, but we are also specialized in automotive services thanks to our team of professional car locksmiths in Elizabeth, NJ.

Our team of locksmiths provides exemplary services such as on-spot key creation, lockout assistance, lock installation, recovering key stuck in the car ignition, among others. Want to know more about our services? Just pick the phone and dial 908-991-2053 to have an elaborated description of our services by one of our experts.

About us

Elizabeth Locksmith Service was set up a decade ago with a motive to provide quality locksmith services. Since then, we haven't looked back and have always moved forward, adding to our staff and inventory. These constant and true efforts have made us the most sought-after locksmith in Elizabeth, NJ. We have bagged a reputation that doesn't need an introduction, surviving the competition through word-of-mouth of our satisfied clientele. Over the past few years, we have provided residential, commercial and automotive locksmith support to our clients, alongside providing 24/7 emergency services. While many companies come and go in New Jersey, Elizabeth Locksmith Service stands tall with its promise of providing quality services.

Why Elizabeth Locksmith Service?

People often ask, what makes us a trusted locksmith in the entirety of Elizabeth, NJ? All this brand trust and customer satisfaction come from several reasons. We are known for:

 24x7 availability

Our trusted team of locksmiths are available 24/7 to make sure no emergency is ever left unattended. Whether you are locked out of your house in the middle of the night or it's a holiday when you have broken car keys inside the ignition, you can count on us.

Affordable prices

All our services, including the emergency and late-night services, are priced at the same rates. We are not like other businesses who charge a hefty amount for these services. No matter what hour of the day it is, you pay as per the regular pricing.

Sophisticated tools

Some issues demand on-spot and urgent mitigation and thus, it becomes important for locksmiths to carry sophisticated tools to deliver quality service like locks rekey, lock installation, etc.  We carry state-of-the-art tools packed in our fleet of mobile vans.

Lightning-fast response

Any extra time taken by the emergency responder during a lockout can be extremely stressful. We understand this and hence, providing lightning-fast response becomes our first and foremost priority. We have spread out across locksmith in Elizabeth, NJ with mobile vans so that we can assist you within 30-minutes of your call. 


Automotive locksmith services

Cars don't stay in one spot like homes and office which means a lockout emergency can happen anytime, anywhere, maybe in an unknown neighborhood, a deserted gas station, or a busy interaction. Being stranded at any of these locations due to lost keys and other car problems sounds like an emergency. Elizabeth Locksmith Service has a dedicated team of car locksmiths in Elizabeth NJ that is sure to reach out to you within just 30 minutes. Our auto locksmiths have a wide range of tools to offer the best onsite service. While our competitors shut their doors late at night, we keep serving 24/7. Not just assistance during a lockout, but our team of professional locksmiths can provide on-site key duplication, recovering the key from car ignition, locks repair and installation, key creation, rekey, etc. All these solutions are priced at affordable rates so that our services are easily available for everyone.

 Residential locksmith services

For our homes, a good pair of locks and keys is crucial for maintaining optimum home security. You can trust Elizabeth Locksmith Service for providing an exclusive range of residential locksmith services in Elizabeth NJ to make sure you never get locked out of your own house, and your locks are turning and latching without any issue. But why choose us? We are a professional group of trained locksmiths who can handle any residential locks and keys issues with the utmost ease, be it key creation, broken lock repair, lock installation, etc.

Apart from standard locksmith services, we provide security solutions as well. People take a whole lot of effort these days to make sure their home is secure enough to avoid any breach in their security. If you think that your old and battered locks would be able to stop thieves and robbers from doing their deeds, you are wrong. Today's thieves are smart enough to dodge these security barriers and thus, it becomes crucial to upgrade your home security from time to time. So what are you waiting for? Call us to get custom solutions.

Commercial locksmith services

Commercial security solutions are far different from residential. Commercial security has to be top-notch and as a business, if your firm doesn't have a good security solution, then there are chances that your valuables are under constant threat. We offer a wide range of locksmith services for companies in and around Elizabeth NJ and deliver quality support to businesses in this area. Our services are for everyone, be it a small scale industry, or even big office complexes. We cut keys, install high security locks, set up keyless access, repair locks, install push bars and much more.

Our exemplary commercial locksmith services make us the go-to brand of all businesses, with an emergency response team and 24/7 support. With a team of highly motivated locksmiths in Elizabeth NJ, sophisticated tools, and mobile vans on standby for further orders, we are capable of resolving any problems you may face. Experience our commercial locksmith services once and you would be amazed to see what we have to offer you.

Emergency locksmith services

If not addressed on time, emergencies emerging from locks and keys can turn out to be a disaster which is why any locksmith service has to be completely alert for any such distress call. Our team is always ready to provide solutions whenever the customer calls. Getting locked out from your own house, losing your car keys or facing a jammed car lock in the middle of the night can be quite stressful; that’s why we we offer emergency services that can help you during odd hours and even holidays. Just call us and explain your issue to see a lightning-fast response and action to your query. With our mobile vans on-the-go, we can reach out to any location within 30-minutes and offer prompt resolution.

If you need a good locksmith near Elizabeth NJ, look no further and choose Elizabeth Locksmith Service. You can trust the name for offering quality locksmith services at affordable costs. Dial 908-991-2053 to know more about our services.

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